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It makes sense, both commercially & environmentally.

Recycling is no longer an option, it’s a requirement, it’s not only up to us as individuals but it’s a corporate and social responsibility. Recycling is here to stay and future generations are relying on us to act now.

CTR Group offers businesses a trusted full circle waste management service in the recycling, reuse and resale of a broad variety of materials. With a 75,000 sq. ft processing plant strategically based in the centre of the UK, CTR Group collect, sort and process thousands of items each week, which are recycled, reused and resold.

CTR Group – providing recycling solutions for a brighter future.










CTR Textiles


CTR Textiles provides an ethical, full service, corporate recycling programme.

Diverting textiles and shoes from our landfill sites is a ‘no-brainer’. So many of the garments we fall out of love with have plenty of wear to give, and with over 70% of the world’s population wearing second hand clothing, there is always someone happy to give them a second chance.

CTR Textiles, partner with high street charity chains, offering a full service solution for the ethical disposal of unwanted items, (which incidentally doesn’t stop at textiles alone). In fact, we take ALL of the unwanted items which come your way, and in addition offer a very competitive rebate! Click here to view a sample list of items we remove.

Considered market leaders, CTR Textiles offers a total recycling and disposal service – we are accountable and trusted. Therefore, service and reliability are paramount, starting with a dedicated account manager, uniformed drivers, monthly reports, right through to providing packing boxes – we go the extra mile.

To find out more about our textile recycling service call us today on 0800 294 55 84.










CTR Europe

CTR Europe providing solutions for the recycling and disposal of corporate waste.

As government legislation is continuing to tighten, with aims to reduce waste entering landfill sites, companies are turning their attention to developing a best practice approach for the disposal of their unwanted or surplus corporate waste.

CTR Europe is a corporate waste partner who can facilitate the disposal of a broad variety of products in line with legislation but also in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Our service covers such items as:

  • IT Asset disposal

  • Data wiping and destruction

  • Mobile phones

  • Laptops

  • Tablets

  • Empty Inkjet and toner cartridges

  • Unopened or unused inkjet and toner cartridges

So whether it’s mobile phones, ink jet cartridges or IT equipment that you are stock piling and looking to dispose of, we can help! In addition, our full cycle IT Asset Disposal program can provide our partners with a full data wiping and erasure service, ensuring you are meeting complete corporate compliance.

With little effort on your part, our experienced recycling advisor is there for you to lean upon. We’ll guide you through the process, outline options to suit your requirements and ensure both your legal obligations and business objectives are being met.

For a no obligation chat about the disposal of your corporate waste why not call us today and find out how we can help.










CTR Media

CTR Media offers a green solution for unwanted media.

In a world of digital media you might be surprised to learn that not everyone wants to electronically download their media, there is a whole world of people who still want to purchase DVD’s, CD’s, PC and console games. Of course, there are others who want to dispose of these items in equal measure. That’s where CTR Media comes in.

One of the largest buyers and wholesalers of DVD’s, CD’s, PC and console games in the industry, our team collect, sort, check and package (or pallet) literally tens of thousands of items each week. CTR Media wholesale DVD’s, CD’s and pc console games to customers not only here in the UK but around the globe.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell your DVD’s and CD’s in large quantities CTR Media can help, and as you’d expect from one of the UK’s leading media recycling wholesalers, we are able to provide all the correct documentation necessary for the ethical disposal of these items in line with your corporate disposal policy.

It’s definitely worth a phone to call to see how we can help, call us today on 0800 294 55 84.











CTR Enviro

CTR Enviro helping you to recycle more and landfill less.

Our aim at CTR Enviro is quite simple: help businesses to recycle more and landfill less. In fact CTR Enviro goes one step further in recycling your corporate waste, we reuse it!

In some instances corporate waste has simply reached the end of its life and there is no value or avenue for recycling. With such items it’s simply irresponsible for businesses to landfill reusable resources when processes exist for taking a ‘spent’ product and breaking it down for re-manufacture or alternative usage.

Whether it’s old tyres, spent toner cartridges, plastics from CDs / DVDs to name a few, they can be shredded or granulated and 100% reused through remanufacturing routes, resulting in no landfill or incineration, ZERO waste and 100% reuse.

To find out more information, or have an informal chat about how we can help with your corporate recycling call us today on: Tel 0800 294 55 84










Corporate Social Responsibility

The roots of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) lie in the requirement for corporations to address the effect of their pursuits on the environment at large, encouraging businesses to take ownership of their actions and make sincere efforts to achieve sustainability and engage in business activities that limit harm to the environment.

At CTR Europe we believe that CSR makes good business sense, as well as being ‘the right thing to do’.

At little or no cost to your business, we offer a solution for the documented recycling of your corporate waste, and where applicable strive to recover a share of it’s value for you, the customer. It really is a win win scenario, that not only benefits your business financially but is positive for the environment too!

Therefore, it goes without saying, that the environment is at the centre of our business and we actively engage in activities which promote CSR. Our aim is to help you send Zero waste to landfill.

In addition, we have taken steps in our working practice such as moving to smaller, low emission vehicles, recycling all waste packaging and in the broader sense of community, CTR Group are proud to maintain a UK call centre for our staff.

We have also built the foundations of our business processes on various certifications, not least by CTR Europe achieving ISO 9001 and 14001, demonstrating our commitment to customer service and best practice for our business.











Delivering On Promises

CTR strive to be leaders in the recycling and reuse industry, combining passion and forward thinking in order to excel in both sustainable recycling and reuse solutions, coupled with providing a reliable, honest service which is second to none.

At CTR Europe we believe that CSR makes good business sense, as well as being ‘the right thing to do’.

CTR is a living, breathing, evolving business with passion flowing through its veins: an essential ingredient in pushing the boundaries and evolution. We are a forward-thinking team who don’t believe in standing still. Passion breeds innovation, and this beams through in our desire to provide good service to our clients and improve on our offerings.

Without our dedicated and passionate teams, we cannot deliver the service levels we pride ourselves on. We recognise our staff are integral to the business; therefore, our aim is to support individual growth and provide a platform for excellence.

Corporate social responsibility features heavily in all we do; it’s always part of the business mix and we are always mindful that we act in a responsible, accountable manner, which is embodied in our everyday business.

A positive working partnership with customers and suppliers is key to any business. We believe that this is achieved with a foundation of honesty and mutual respect, and, by working together, mountains can be moved.










Contact Us

CTR Group
30 Marchington Industrial Estate,
Stubby Lane,
ST14 8LP

Tel: 0800 294 55 84

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